COLUMN: Nap Time and the Hot Dog Song

Arden Krol in high chair with a stuffed octopus on tray

When he’s not avoiding naps or dancing the hot dog dance, Arden Krol, can be found melting hearts with this adorable smile.

You can lead a horse to water.

But, what do you do with a baby who needs a nap, is overtired – it’s that time of day – but, just refuses to go to sleep?

You can make kids do a lot of things: Take a bath, eat, tummy time and the rest.

But, when it comes to nap time in the middle of the day, with a crib complete with a Baby Einstein soother, white noise-emitting giraffe, and the little stuffed crab that little Arden loves – all the elements that ensure sweet slumber straight through the night – it all seems to lose its magic in the daylight.

We’ve done everything right. The pattern has been established. The nap happens at the same time everyday. And, when he’s down in his crib, he doesn’t really fuss at all, he doesn’t complain. He often just won’t sleep.

Maybe it’s the daylight seeping through the shades, or maybe he just doesn’t want to miss all the action – or maybe he simply just doesn’t want to go to sleep.

Hey, if that’s the worst issue we have to face from time-to-time, we’re probably way ahead of the game.

But, as any parent will tell you, if the little guy loses sleep in the middle of the day it can be nightmarish as you approach dinnertime. The strange, magical overtired state when a child doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going. Is he laughing hysterically or ready to burst out into tears – or how about a little of both at the same time? That’s fun.

It then becomes acceptable to scarf down dinner like it’s chow time at boot camp to tend to a fussy kiddo, or in extreme cases, propping-up the MacBook in front of the high chair to feature the first Mickey’s Clubhouse episode that pops up on YouTube. Last time, it was a five-minute video with several repeats of Mickey and his pals doing the “Hot Dog” dance.

With nearly 3 million hits, it’s clear that parents worldwide have discovered how that catchy jingle with dancing mice, ducks and dogs creates a perfect little reprieve.

So, when all seems hopeless, let’s sing: “Hot Dog, Hot Dog, hot diggity-dog…”

Is it bedtime yet?

John Krol

John Krol

John Krol is the owner/founder of OneEighty media ( He lives in Pittsfield with his wife Allison and newborn son, Arden.