Trying to enjoy the summer and avoid thinking too much about high school [COLUMN]

First things first, I will totally miss school, and I’m pretty nervous about high school.

I mean, what if the first day I make a complete fool of myself? And going to McCann  …what if I’m like the girl who has zero friends?

As I realize how big this transition is the more nervous I get about not being able to make it, all of it just seems huge — and really scary.

Second? On a lighter note, summer! Who doesn’t love hanging with friends at the beach, thoughts of homework long, long, gone? I for one won’t be the girl to turn down the offer. This summer I have a few plans of my own, visiting family, plenty of vacations and hanging with friends; more or less just relaxing and having lots of fun.

One of the highlights for the summer is a vacation we take to Maine every August. We’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember and even on the rainiest, coldest visits ,it’s been a memorable time. I’m sure this year won’t disappoint. We’ve got our favorite sight and we are hoping that the rain we’ve been having will finally give in to some sunshine so we can enjoy ourselves on the beaches.

I’m also excited about the Wahconah girl’s lacrosse camp I’ll be attending. It is a good way to stay on my game for my upcoming high school season and I’m hoping to be a contender on the field. I have very big shoes to fill when I take the field next spring, with both my sisters having been high scorers for their varsity squads at Wahconah (which McCann has “co-oped” with in the past).

I’m really excited for high school sports and can’t wait to make the leap in my skill and knowledge of the games I play (I also will be trying out later this fall for the McCann soccer and basketball teams). I am nervous to find out how I’ll make the transition from one school to the next (as you read here, I just began my public school career a few months ago, after being homeschooled), I’m hopeful that I will find a way to make it through my freshmen year without too much of a problem. So far I’ve been focusing on the summer ahead, and trying not to worry too much about the future.

We also go to our camp in Vermont all the time during the hot summer months to swim, rope swing and hike. We have a family get-together coming up and it’s always a great time with family and games. Volleyball, one of the constant favorites, and the bean bag toss are always in the running, as well as some other fun games. The real draw for me is the food, which, without fail is always awesome with tons of different options — from strawberry rhubarb pie to hamburgs and hot dogs along with lots of my polish favorites and everything in between. Campfires at home in the Berkshires, gardening, blueberry picking, perhaps tubing down the Deerfield River and doing a little hiking on the region’s trails are also on the summer agenda.

With summer just beginning and just about a million different possibilities for what’s to come I’m truly excited for the season! I hope you have plenty of ways to stay cool and comfortable this summer and have of plans to have fun in and around the Berkshires yourself.

Fourteen-year-old Jordan Budaj of Windsor loves lazing in the sun while she lays outside with a good book. She also loves horseback riding and hanging out by the water.

Jordan Budaj

Jordan Budaj

Jordan Budaj is a 13-year-old homeschooler from Windsor. She loves skiing, hiking, horseback riding and most outdoors activities, along with a good book, of course!