Science on the Busby Trail in Florida and Savoy [COLUMN]

FLORIDA/SAVOY — Science took an unexpected turn for me when my Mom asked if I wanted to go for a hike a week ago. So being homeschooled, as I am, I packed in as much schoolwork as I could until 10:30. Then I threw together a meatball grinder for my lunch,  grabbed two leashes for my two 5-pound Pomeranian/Dotson mix dogs Toby and Dory and away we went. To the Busby Trail that is!

The Busby Trail is located on Florida Mountain in Florida on Central Shaft Road. The trail starts in Florida but then zigzags its way into the neighboring town of Savoy. In the spring the Busby Trail is fairly wet and I would recommend wearing waterproof shoes and clothes if you plan on hiking the trial. And I hope you don’t mind getting muddy, because it’s mucky out there. This time though, my Mom and I found that the ground was surprisingly dry from the drought this spring and summer, and only a little muddy in places from the small scattered storms we had gotten earlier in the week. We were also surprised that the damage from the 2009 ice storm was still apparent in the bent trees, snapped limbs and their obvious stunted growth. Wildflowers and shrubbery had filled in and the leaves came through nicely, but the damage was still clear and noticeable.

A view from within the woods looking up through the leaves of the trees to the sky

Photo by Jordan Budaj
The view from the Busby Trail as we looked up.

As we passed the power lines we saw lots of wild blackberries that would make great picking come summer and as we went on we noticed the beautiful designs of the spider webs, and the carpet of leaves that lay under our feet. Wildlife was ever apparent with Mom and I catching glimpses squirrels, bird chatter and the occasional mouse.

We also saw some remains of old buildings. One thing I thought was cool was the old cellar hole, now long grown in, but still visible and quite interesting, as my dog Toby clearly thought as he played in the hole!

a little black dog staring at the remains of an old cellar in the woods

Photo by Jordan Budaj
My dog,Toby, stopped to admire the old cellar hole on the Busby Trail.

Huge trees were often visible along the trail and the foliage was coming in great. My favorite part of the entire hike was walking up the steep rocky slope leading to the top of the trail. As we hiked to the top, another cool thing that we remembered was that the Busby Trail was a great spot for bird watching. My Mom explained that because of an air current that goes through the area, many hawks, vultures and other predatory birds visit the area and use the air current to glide. I was lucky enough to catch a vulture soaring over the valley as my Mom and I looked at the picturesque view of Adams below us.

A picturesque view of the town of Adams from the top of Florida Mountain and the Busby Trail

Photo by Jordan Budaj
It’s hard to compete wi the views from the top of the Busby Trail.

I like the Busby Trail’s views of Adams, and on the other side of the mountain you can see the Hoosac wind project. If you’re lucky, you also can see a hazy outline of Mount Monadnock in the eastern direction all the way in New Hampshire towering over the smaller mountains.

Also on my ‘science field trip’ Mom and I saw Savoy’s floating bog on, what else but, Bog Pond? For those of you who don’t know what a bog is it is a wet, spongy piece of the ground with moss on top of it. The bog was still floating and whole on its little pond as we looked and took pictures.

the view of the water and floating bog at Bog Pond

Photo by Jordan Budaj
I thought the view of the large floating bog on Bog Pond was a pretty cool part of our hike along the Busby Trail.

The Busby Trail is a great trail to hike with a friend or family member. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to take a short hike with great views, lots of laughs and great rewards. Hope you have a good time and lots of fun!

Thirteen-year-old Jordan Budaj lives in Windsor and loves to play sports, horseback ride, hike and ski in the Berkshires when the weather permits.                    

Jordan Budaj

Jordan Budaj

Jordan Budaj is a 13-year-old homeschooler from Windsor. She loves skiing, hiking, horseback riding and most outdoors activities, along with a good book, of course!