COLUMN: Finding a second home in high school

During the winter months at Wahconah Regional High School in Dalton, if you aren’t in the gym playing basketball, on the slopes skiing, in the pool swimming or participating in Mock Trial, then you may be found in the auditorium singing, dancing and acting; participating in the musical. Each spring, Wahconah’s theater group, The Apollonian Players, perform a musical, and this year’s production is “Legally Blonde”!

* * *

young female ballerina Samatha Cote

Samantha Cote has been dancing and performing for her family and friends since as long as she can remember.

When I was little, I loved to perform. Singing, dancing, acting, you name it. I remember looking back at videos of myself as a kid just sitting at the piano playing (not always perfectly), and singing (not always on tune!), but enjoying myself through every minute of it. This however, was always just around family or close friends; I had never really tried performing in front of a large group before.

Through elementary school, I played youth sports like soccer, basketball, softball— a little bit of everything. I danced almost every day after school at the Dalton Ballet Studio, and was a pretty busy kid. However, unlike how dancing just came naturally to me and was something I loved to do, the other sports like soccer and basketball, I learned, just weren’t quite my thing. Sure, I could dribble a basketball and shoot a soccer ball, but I never seemed to be as good at it, or enjoy myself as much as I did when I was dancing or singing.

When I got to high school, I realized that what I loved most of all was being in the auditorium or the music room (or the dance studio, of course!), not on the soccer field. I had done the musical in my last year of middle school and found that I really enjoyed it. So when I got to Wahconah, I stopped soccer and instead tried out for the school musical. Looking back, I am so happy that I made that decision!

I got a part in the musical, a fun part for that matter, and if you can imagine, I was quite excited by this because I was only a freshman at the time. Working on the musical that spring was a blast! When you weren’t on stage acting, you were back stage learning lines or painting the set or helping other people learn their lines, and it was just a lot of fun. I made tons of new friends and came to find that I loved the performing arts!

teen ballerina Samantha Cote

Now a sophmore in high school, Sam spends most of her ‘free time’ at the Dalton Ballet Studio or in the high school auditorium with the other member of the schools theater ensemble, The Apollonian Players.

The auditorium became like my second home that year, and it was always a happy atmosphere to be in. The musical was so much fun and I continued participating in theater and music this year at Wahconah; my sophomore year. This year’s performance is “Legally Blonde: The Musical,” taking place on April 4, 5, and 6, and is sure to be a blast and a performance you won’t want to miss!

Looking back on my decisions from last year, I am so glad I realized that there is more to do in high school than just academics and sports. There are tons of fun, engaging, extracurricular activities to participate in that you can enjoy and have fun with while learning something at the same time!