Reflections of a First-Time Dad

Reflections of a First-time Dad: And, We Have … Liftoff! [COLUMN]

Batten down the hatches! Throw up the gates! Cover those outlets! There’s no escap … he’s coming! If you know your developmental physiology, tenants of learning and/or psychology, you know that humans don’t perfect things gradually. Whether it’s learning to ride a bike, shuffling a deck of cards or throwing a good curve ball —(…)

COLUMN: Outdoors — A Whole New World!

COLUMN: Outdoors — A Whole New World!

Outdoors, at last! It was a long, cold winter. It lingered and lingered and … lingered. When you have a little guy (who just now turned 8 months old) it’s hard enough to get out for fresh air, out for errands, just plain out of the house. Add the winter chill, all the bundling and(…)

COLUMN: Don’t be offended — just wash your hands

If you want to hold the baby, wash your hands. It’s one simple rule of which my wife is an absolute stickler – and as a good parental teammate – a rule I’ve gotta help enforce. No exceptions. Now, as you can imagine this can lead to a few awkward moments with family and friends.(…)

COLUMN: Reflections of a first-time dad

Note: This is the newest column from our Berkshire Family Focus team of columnists that will run on the third Monday of each month, and our contributor John Krol is looking for a cool name for this column. Send your ideas to or leave a comment below. You know you’ve been broken in as(…)

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