Perspectives of a City Slicker Dad

An occasional column about life in the Berkshires from the perspective of city born and raised Ty Allan Jackson, author and founder of Big Head Books in Berkshire County.

COLUMN: Tips for surviving family dinners

NOTE: The following column is a monthly column in which Ty Allan Jackson, a Berkshire dad, author and Big Head books founder,  reflects on life in the Berkshires, as a dad, a husband, son, brother and more. It will appear on Berkshire Family Focus on the fourth Monday of every month. Thanksgiving dinner was awkward this(…)


Column: Berkshire vs. Big City Living — Raising Baby

When I tell people I was born and raised in New York City before moving here to the Berkshires, I usually get the same response, “That’s culture shock for ya” or “It’s a little different here huh?” You think!? One of the biggest differences I discovered was raising my baby. My wife and I raised(…)


Author Ty Allan Jackson of Big Head Books encourages parents to make their kids school year ‘SUPADUPA’

By TY ALLAN JACKSON It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  NO, not the holiday season, back to school!!  Well, it is for the parents who no longer have to worry about summer camps, long trips in the car and how to keep their kids entertained for 10 weeks out of the year. But(…)