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Samantha Cote is a sophomore at Wahconah Regional High School who loves dancing, acting, drawing, and writing, and who enjoys both listening to and playing music. She can be seen as a sorority sister in this week's "Legally Blonde! The Musical."

Posts by Samantha Cote:

Rowan and Martin’s ‘Laugh-In’ to play on the Wahconah Regional High School Stage Oct. 31-Nov. 2

DALTON — If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed that one show could contain so much laugh-out-loud comedy! But I promise you, such a show does exist … and it will be brought to you this year by the Apollonian Players of Wahconah Regional High School. Rowan and Martin’s(…)

Jacob Pillow’s 2013 free Inside/Out performances kick off today in Becket [COLUMN]

Dance performances are always a blast to go and see, and a great way to introduce kids to dance! And what better time to go and see them, than on a warm summer evening at Jacob’s Pillow? Oh did I mention, it was on an outdoor stage overlooking a fantastic view of the Berkshire Mountains?(…)

COLUMN: ‘Grease’ will be electrifyin’ on the Pittsfield High School stage this weekend and next

COLUMN: ‘Grease’ will be electrifyin’ on the Pittsfield High School stage this weekend and next

After a successful run of “Legally Blonde” at Wahconah this spring, I recently visited Pittsfield High School to see how their production of “Grease” was coming along. While there, I saw part of a run-through of the show and interviewed a few of the cast members. Being my first interview EVER I was a little(…)

Wahconah Apollonian Players to present ‘Legally Blonde’

DALTON —If you are looking for lively, laugh-out-loud, exciting entertainment for the whole family this week in the Berkshires, get yourselves to Wahconah Regional High School and dive into the world of Elle Woods in this year’s Wahconah Apollonian Players’ spring musical “Legally Blonde!” “Legally Blonde!,” a musical based on the novel by Amanda Brown(…)

COLUMN: Finding a second home in high school

COLUMN: Finding a second home in high school

During the winter months at Wahconah Regional High School in Dalton, if you aren’t in the gym playing basketball, on the slopes skiing, in the pool swimming or participating in Mock Trial, then you may be found in the auditorium singing, dancing and acting; participating in the musical. Each spring, Wahconah’s theater group, The Apollonian(…)

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